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Bleeding Wings 1 is about the struggle of anyone, in their effort toward finding their own self.  The struggle is unavoidable and should be welcome really. Nothing is as revered as something we put our souls on the line for.  In that struggle we realize our strengths and weaknesses. There is an insecurity felt as we step into who we hope to be.. thus the woman climbing into and becoming her own eagle self and spirit, guided to new heights. TURN ON THE MUSIC VIDEO and then the SLIDE SHOW.. SMILE.  You can control the speed of the slideshow by clicking the images on top, just run your mouse across it and they will appear, at anytime.   My poem  Listening to Our Own Breath and the Miracle of Being, -directly below- was written for this sculpture.  ~Peace~

Bleeding Wings 1

“Listening to Our Own Breath and the Miracle of Being”

We are so close to feeling peaceful
and yet so very far
As soon as a breath is taken in
we are ready to release it
and yet
it goes without noticing
only to come
then go

There is splendor
brilliance in all creation
and I think I missed
its shedding tear
as my breath
less clear
to me
this moment
that I do feel it
and see
its wondrous

This day
this moment
my breath
coming forth from me
is thus

Its such a simple thing
yet there are volumes of conclusions
many who claim it
name it
with new resolutions
on what makes life sacred
and what does
in fact
give to us
our grace
our bleeding wings.

There are tokens
waiting to fly
of everyone.

Sunsets singing
breezes on our skin
the softness of rain
as it just
to fall
from its telling clouds.
Promises of rainbows
whether we open our hearts
or not
to understand
all we are
and just how fleeting this moment
in time is
and how loudly
or softly
it can call.

your own breath.

Our tattered frames
as age takes us ore
dreams and days lived
through all of life's plans
known by us
or simply passing us by.

or not
our lives continue
with our glorious breathing.
and out
or not.

And within all that has been known
by Rumi's speechless moon
stars turning in their galaxies
our breath has always been there.
The sky to view
or not
missed sunrises
still groomed the lighted sky.
Even on days we failed to arise
to meet the morning
and embrace
a single dove
in flight.

To a world God groomed
time comes and goes
and within our heroics
in the end
it is our very breaths
that keep us here
in the miracle of self.
and gently
helping us to notice
just how amazing it all is
our life
our breath
and the appreciation
of this instant
to begin.

and listen
your own

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

copyright 2009