Barely Scathed - Bleeding Wings 4 - 5


Bleeding Wings 4 - 5

Barely Scathed

Next one in line,

I'm not sure anyone is desperate enough...

quite yet

to earn that title. 

Somewhere that ache is inside a few

and it's melting.

Twill someday be a river

just maybe.

And maybe if I hold my breath                                                             Bleeding Wings  5

long enough                                                                                         tons of pics below                                                                

that river will meet me.

Sea dreams                                  

calling me~


was barely scathed

and yet

when all alone her smile changed.                

She would hope

in fact

to never feel quite the same                                  TURN ON THE VIDEO BELOW FOR AMBIENCE

despite her lack of visual conclusions

for all to see and sing

or fret about.

She was so mesmerized

by her own shadow

that she simply could not find her way


all that

even with the light turned off.

Lily had been damaged

not by fire nor strokes of a lovers pen

but by the very core of her own soul

reaching out for meaning.

She longed for mysteries

unresolved conclusions

that met her closed eyes.

Expecting visions

of well performed slants on life

that transfixed the mundane roads

leading to nowhere

but a well lit gallery

there was at times


Passports of good faith

where all

would finally

arrive to see

that part

that no one sees.

Sweet mystery

"Bleeding Wings"


Instigated to understand herself            

moths around the light

on her back porch

she incited her own messages

words that formed

new heights

allowed to find their breath.

Silly Lily

continually pricked her own finger.

Red drops of blood

with no real concern nor consequence

to cause true alarm.

Life is blood  though

and blood is life

and in the end

it dries like rain in the sun.

Just like anything else

it decays

away.                                                                                     Bleeding Wings 4

If she felt encouragement for anything

it was that pain is not seen by others                                       

unless one chooses to reveal it.

The future was hers to explode upon

or not.

Her plight...

Unfold her Bleeding Wings                    TURN ON VIDEO (below ) -There is no sound- just your heart.

or forever note their mystery.

Being next in line

is just that

ticket in hand

ready for an unknown ride

embracing the thrill

gaining passion

brush to canvas

fingers to clay

pen to paper





let out knowing


or not.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Copyright 2009

                                                                            -and so this bird took flight... choices made.